DFW Scuba Staff

Jimmy Lucas - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Jimmy Lucas Jimmy

My first time to Scuba Dive was in 1995. I was working for Highland Homes and won a trip to Jamaica. I took a resort course and loved it! On the other hand my wife at the time, Suzie, didn't like it, so I didn't pursue diving. It wasn't until later, in February of 2003, Suzie said we were going to Cozumel and that she was going to take Scuba lessons. I said sign me up also. And that is how it all started!

I had worked for a couple of dive shops in the metroplex and enjoyded teaching. When Cuda went out of business, I bought their compressor and opened DFW Scuba in March 2007.

I now have over 1000 recorded dives and teach 10 specialty dives.

Open Water February 2003
Advanced June 2003
Enriched Air July 2003
Rescue August 2003
Night Dive February 2004
Altitude February 2004
Divemaster August 2004
Assistant Instructor June 2003
OWSI Instructor September 2004
MSDT Instructor August 2005

Bill Bentley - Open Water Instructor

Bill Bentley Bill

"My personal philosophy on scuba diving is simple. Above all else it should be safe, but fun runs a very close second. I try to bring that philosophy to my teaching. Safety always comes first, but I try to make learning as fun as possible. That is, after all, why we learn to dive. I also take great pride in helping turn students into the very best diver possible. That approach may take a little longer, but the end result is well worth the effort. Helping make you comfortable and confident in your abilities will also make you a safer diver. After that, the fun just comes naturally."

Jeff Dean - Course Director

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John Young - Open Water Instructor

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Mike Seeley - Assistant Instructor

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Brad Dooley - Divemaster

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Brent Easdon - Divemaster

Brent Easdon

In 1992 my wife and I were looking for a common hobby. We wanted to do something exciting. Something that we could continue later in life, and share with our children once we had them (we now have two, both dive). In July 1992 both my wife and I received our Open Water certification. In 1993 I was certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver and in late 1993 received my Rescue Diver certification.

I have been employed in Fire/Rescue since 1990, currently I'm a Lieutenant. Throughout my fire and rescue career I have been involved with many dive and swift-water operations. A few years ago I was asked to develop and organize a FD dive team for our community. As our dive team was developing I felt that continuing education was a vital part of diver safety and team leadership so I took classes, and on the plus side, the classes have been fun. So, through the years I have taken five additional specialty dive classes, two additional dive rescue classes for Public Safety Divers and Divemaster. Mainly I love the sport and I have fun doing it, but safety is a high priority. So as a Divemaster my goal is to make other divers confident and feel safer, while keeping it fun.

Terry Lucas - Everything Above Water

Terry Lucas

I knew Jimmy in high school. As a matter of fact, we dated my sophmore and junior year at Sam Houston High School in Arlington. We broke up and went our seperate ways. We found each other again in May of 2007 and he told me he had just opened a dive shop in Haltom City. My reaction, "A dive shop? Like sky diving, scuba diving? Where do you dive around here?" To make a long story short, I did a Discover Scuba Dive out at Lake Murray August 2007, and I discovered I didn't really want to dive.

I started working at the dive shop in April of 2008. After hearing stories and seeing pictures and home movies of 'blue water' I changed my mind. I realized to do blue water, I had to start in not-so-blue water. So as a present to myself, I got certified on my 47th birthday. Jimmy and I got married in April 2009 and he took me to Mexico in June 2009. It was awesome! I am SO GLAD that I changed my mind. I now have my Advanced Open Water and seven specialties.

My two favorite places to dive (so far) are the Bahamas and Roatan, Honduras. I won a trip at Trashfest in 2012. The prize was a one week live aboard trip from Blackbeard's Cruises. That was really the first I saw really big animals. Big spotted eagle rays, loggerhead turtles, and I did my first Shark feeding dive. The trip was great. Then there is Roatan. We stayed at the Coco View Resort in August of 2014. The reefs were beautiful. I saw sea horses, toad fish, rock fish, more schools of fish than I have ever seen. That trip was great in a totally different way.