OCT 8 2017: Wheeler Branch Park, Glen Rose
It's time for our annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest! We are doing it in early October so the water should still be pretty nice. Bring your dive buddy, a pumpkin and your underwater carving skills!

DEC 2 2017: Customer Appreciation Christmas Party - DFW Scuba Shop
Our annual Christmas Party and toy drive for the Young Heroes of the Guard. Please bring a new, unwrapped toy and stay for some great BBQ, old Sea Hunt reruns and lots of good friends. Party starts at 3:00!




18 - 19 MAR 2017: Balmorhea State Park
We had a great group of people come out to the pool in the desert. Concratulations to Todd, Laif, Zeke, Dan, Kale and Christine on your Open Water Certifications!

29 - 30 APR 2017: Windy Point - Lake Travis
Divers Day Out, Open Water Check Out dives and AOW students. We had a full weekend planned but on Sunday the wind was so strong, causing waves to actually break over the shore. Sunday's dive were cancelled due to the rough surf (and who ever thought we would say that at a lake lol). Luckily the AOW students got their Deep dive done on Saturday so we can finish up their certification closer to home. A lot of us went to Walburg for dinner to the Walburg German Restaurant. Even listened to some music in the Biergarten after dinner. It was a fun weekend with some new good friends!

3 - 9 JUN 2017: Cat Ppalu - Nassau Bahamas.
What a great trip! First off we need to congratulate Isabelle on her 100th dive while on this trip and Susan and Keith for finishing up their Advanced Open Water certification. I can't think of a better trip to have these mildstones happen on. The crew on the Cat Ppalu was just awesome. Captain Carlis was great and such a nice man. Caitlyn the chef was amazing and Jeff the divemaster was very knowledgeable and also very funny. And I can't leave out the guy that fixed anything that went wrong, James the engineer. Who also has great taste in music.
We started off the trip with a little hiccup. The only person new to our group, Monica from Spain, landed without luggage. We had the choice to leave and have her bags come out to us in the morning on another boat, or wait for the plane with her bag on it to land and be brought to the boat and sail all night to the first dive site. Luckily, our guest all agreed that we didn't mind waiting for Monica's bag so we played around in the pool at the marina and laid around on the boat and got to know eachother. Her bag finally made it to the boat at about 10:30PM. So poor Captain Carlis and the crew had to take shifts and drive most of the night to get us on schedule. The only other problem, which wasn't a big deal, was we were all under the impression that the Cat Ppalu went all the way down to the Southern Exumas where the swimming pigs were and that we would be doing a shark feed dive. Two things that they do not do. Jeff the divemaster did not want to break the news to us while we were all signing the paperwork at first. I even asked where the shark feed liability release was and he said that the one realise was good for everything. He let the Captain tell us later. But we had so many great dives it was ok.
The last day we did the Blue Hold dive and I have never seen so many sharks in my life! After looking at videos and pictures that were taken, we figure there must have been close to 300 sharks. It was amazing. Best dive of the week, for me. Jimmy might disagree because he was the only one to see a Hammerhead shark on one of the first dives. And the boat was great. It was so nice to have your own room! I don't think I could go back to the Blackbeards Cruise and the dormitory style rooms after having my own room with a sink. Not to mention three heads with push button flush and two showers big enough to dress in. The Cat Ppalu has enough room for everyone to sit at the table to eat together and you can sit inside between dive sites in the air conditioning if you want. We would highly recommend this trip if you are looking for a liveaboard in the Bahamams. We hope to do it again next year.

25 JUNE 2017: Clear Springs Scuba Park
Let me know if you are coming so I can make sure we have enough food. This is our first time out at CSSP this year. I sure hope they have sunk the new parts of the plane. We could use some new underwater things to look at.

5 - 12 AUG 2017:Coco View Dive Resort - Roatan Honduras

20 AUG 2017: Clear Springs Scuba Park
I guess I picked the wrong day for this DDO. Not one person showed up. I guess it might have been the combination of school starting for some kids and getting ready to start for the others. Jimmy and Mike had a relaxing day. They BBQ'd hot dogs and took a nap in the truck LOL.


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