At DFW Scuba Shop Inc, our customers are very important people to us!

We take pride in being one of the friendliest dive shops in the Metroplex, because we know that without our customers there would be no DFW Scuba Shop Inc. We care about what you want and need in a dive shop so we can be YOUR dive shop. We like to say that you may walk into our shop a stranger, but hopefully you leave a friend. Our customers are that important to us.

We don't have any set class schedules because we know an individual might have different needs that can't conform to a set schedule. We offer evening classes, weekend classes, jam classes (for those procrastinators), private classes and other options. Jimmy and I try to cater to the schedules of each student as much as possible. We will do what we can to make a perfect fit for you.

We also host Divers Day Out once a month so our new divers can get more experience diving. More experience equals better buoyancy, better air consumption, and more confidence diving. When Jimmy opened DFW Scuba, he never wanted his students to feel like they couldn't dive with him again unless they paid him. Yes we want to promote diving and want our students to further their dive education, but at their own pace. We pick different places, usually locally, and invite our new students, old students, people on our mailing list, anyone that wants to get away for a day and DIVE. The only cost to you is the cost of admission to the scuba park. In the event that you need a dive buddy, we will pair you up with one of our divemasters, another instructor, or someone that we think would fit your personality and style. And that's not all, Jimmy cooks lunch!

We want to help you be the best diver you can be. It is our commitment at DFW Scuba Shop Inc., to be the kind of dive shop you will be glad to affiliate yourself with. We want you to be so happy with us AND scuba diving, that you recommend your family and friends to us. The only thing better than exploring our underwater world with one dive buddy, is sharing it with lots of dive buddies.

We look forward to diving with you!
Jimmy and Terry Lucas