25 - 26 APR 2015: The Blue Lagoon, Huntsville, TX
Always one of our favorite places to start Divers Day Out. Visibility was great at about 15' - 18' feet. Water level was up due to all the rain. It was a beautiful weekend.

17 MAY 2015: Lake Murray, OK
With all the rain, visibility was really bad. But the cold cut picnic lunch was great. Lot of fun dive stories!

28 JUNE 2015: Lake Murray, OK
They don't call it Lake Merky for nothin! With all the rain this year, even the spillway is closed.

26 JULY 2015: CSSP, Terrell, TX
Visibility was 15' - 18', with the thermocline at about 20' in most areas.

8 - 15 AUG 2015: Coco View Resort, Roatan Honduras
Our second year was amazing! We had 17 customers come with us this year. The weather was fantastic. We did a lot of night dives with the Super Moon.

22 - 23 AUG 2015: Windy Point, Lake Travis, Austin
We will be doing deep dives for Advanced Open Water. Congratulations Victor for getting your Deep Diver Specialty!.

18 OCT 2015: Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest, Lake Murray OK

5 DEC 2015: Customer Appreciation Christmas Party

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