2013 Events

4 - 12 JAN 2013: Florida Springs Dive Trip
Kristie and her husband George took us to Florida to do some cavern/spring diving. We had a great house on Rainbow River and traveled around to do some great diving. We started at Vortex Springs in Ponce de Leon, FL then did Ginny Springs and Devils Den in Williston FL. We also went to Crystal River and snorkeled with the manatee's. It was a great trip. Go to our Facebook page and look for the album called GoPro Stills for pics.

16 - 17 FEB 2013: Divers Day Out - Balmorhea State Park
Open Water check out dives and first Divers Day Out of 2013! Only had a few people brave the 7 hour drive out this year. Congratulations to Kolby M. for being our first Open Water Certified Diver of 2013!

20 - 21 APR 2013: Divers Day Out - The Blue Lagoon - Huntsville TX
This is such a beautiful place to dive. We camped along with Brad and John, while everyone else had a hot shower and soft bed. Thank you to Brent Easdon for hosting this Divers Day Out AND a big THANK YOU to his wife Kim for having the bright idea of making campers stew for all of us. It was great to get out of the 68 degee water and have a hot bowl of stew. You can see my first GoPro underwater footage on our YouTube channel.

19 MAY 2013: Divers Day Out - Lake Murray, OK
Congratulations to Mark C. for completing his Open Water Certification. Our other student Heather, got 3 out of 4 of her dives done and decided to take her referrals to Hawaii. The water was a little chilly still, so I don't blame her a bit. We did have fun camping though. We had our dive trailer and three tents on one camp site. We had a little DFW Scuba City going on!

1 - 2 JUN 2013: Divers Day Out - Mammoth Lake - Lake Jackson, TX
Congratulations to Nic and Cody Collier for becoming PADI Open Water Scuba Divers certified this weekend!

This was another first for us. We had never been out to Mammoth Lake before and as it turns out, Cody lives in Houston and wanted to get certified with his brother who lives here in Aledo. They saw that we had Divers Day Out planned at Mammoth Lake and took advantage of that. Cody came here for class and pool and Nic went there for check out dives. We couldn't have planned anything more perfect them. Jimmy, Dan and Mike liked this place so much they would like to try and plan another trip down there before the summers over. There is so much to see and explore, because of class, they only saw about a quarter of it. Jimmy said the owner there was really a nice guy too. He really appreciated our business! Mike and Dan were telling me this morning that there was a great place to eat right next door to the scuba park. And they have a "Monster Melt" that Mike is wanting to try next time. A hamburger patty between two full grilled cheese sandwiches.

Even though it's about a 5.25 hour drive from here (still closer than Balmorhea) it is well worth the drive. Actually Lake Jackson is practically on the coast.

If you would like more info on Mammoth Lake Scuba click the link. General Admission is $20 per day for diving and $10 per day for snorkeling.

30 JUN 2013: Divers Day Out - Clear Springs Scuba Park - Terrell, TX
Congratulations to our newest Jr. Open Water students! Ashlyn, Kyler, Tommy and Michael. Also Ashlyn and Kyler's father, Kevin got his Open Water Cert. Visibility at Clear Springs was pretty good. You could see the platform from the surface. Had a great turnout for Divers Day Out too. We had 20 people all together, under the trees, and Jimmy cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. It really was a fun day!

21 JULY 2013: Divers Day Out - Lake Murray, OK
We had a big class of Open Water students. Congratulations to James T., Russ N., Brittni P., Jayson W., Justine S., Pete G., Lauren G., Hannah M., and Coltan M.! We also had a great turn out for Divers Day Out. Thank you to everyone that brought extra food!!

18 AUG 2013: Divers Day Out - Clear Springs Scuba Park

24 - 30 AUG 2013: Blackbeard's Cruise - Nassau, Bahamas Blackbeard Cruise Header
OMG! What a trip! We had a fantastic time with more big animals that we have ever seen. I took so much GoPro footage that it is going to take a while to get it all on YouTube. Look for the "DFWScubaShopInc" channel. I have a playlist called "Blackbeard's Cruise - Bahamas" that I will be adding to time allows. We have pictures on our Facebook page and links to some other customers that went with us.

14 - 15 SEPT 2013: Divers Day Out - Mammoth Lake Scuba Park, Lake Jackson, TX
There is a lot of stuff to go explore here. They have a C130 aircraft with Gatling Guns on it, a firetruck, a submarine, rides from the old AstroWorld and a very good place to eat right next door.

20 OCT 2013: Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest - Lake Murray, OK

Winning Pumpkins
Congratulations to the winners of the 4th Annual DFW Scuba Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Kristie Shafer got 1st place this year and won an Akona Weight Bag
Brad Dooley got 2nd place and won a Scuba Mouse
Mike Seeley got 3rd place and won an Aeris Baseball Cap.

Everyone had a lot of fun and the weather couldn't have been better (for October). Thank you to everyone that participated and helped out with food!

DUI Test Diver
23 NOV 2013: DUI Demotour - Clear Springs Scuba Park, Terrell, TX
A cold front came in so Jimmy, Dan and Mike decided to skip this years DUI Rally. I did hear from April and Lisa, that braved the cold temps, and said "it was an experience" but not sure if it's for them. April said it took an hour for her to get suited up, and "all the weight!" LOL

14 DEC 2013: DFW Scuba Christmas Party
4th Annual Customer Appreciation Christmas Party and Toys For Tots Toy Drive


What a great party! Thanks to all of you that came out, brought food, AND helped us fill 5 T4T boxes. This year we had not only divers, but businesses around Haltom City bring us stuff. It really warms your heart to see somebody come in with a whole backseat filled with toys. And that happened not only once, but twice.
I bought "Sea Hunt - The Best of Season 1" and thought it would be fun to show this in the background as we were eating and visiting. After most people left, a few of us stayed and watched almost all of disk 1, commenting on what kind of gear Lloyd Bridges was wearing, the terminology, and how things were done back then. I will always remember getting Nitrogen Narcosis is Rapture of the Deep!

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