2012 Events

18 - 19 FEB 2012: Balmorhea State Park
Congratulations to Jim, Christa, Cameron and Kristi for getting their Open Water Certification AND to Lisa for getting her Scuba Diver Certification. Although it was a little cold and cloudy the first day, it cleared up so the McDonald Observatory was spectacular and Sunday's dives were great. I think everyone had a great time as unusual.

San Solomon Springs provides one of the best fresh water dive sites in the western US. The springs, which flow approximately 26 million gallons of pure artesian waters per day, are a constant 74 degrees to 76 degrees year round and visibility ranges from 80 to 100 feet. San Solomon Springs host an abundance of aquatic l!ife to include two endangered species, the Comanche Springs Pupfish and the Pecos Gambusia better known as the mosquito fish. Also for your underwater viewing enjoyment while snorkeling, swimming or diving you can enjoy the antics of the soft shell water turtles, the fresh water crayfish along with the Mexican Tetras and large channel catfish. There is also an abundance of aquatic snails. No matter the season San Solomon Springs brings relaxation and enjoyment to your adventure.

For hotel information in Balmorhea, click on the Links page.

21 - 22 APR 2012: Divers Day Out - The Blue Lagoon
We had a GREAT turnout! Congrats to Lynn, Diana, Steve, Ren, Suzanne, Brandon and Keenan for getting their Open Water certifications! Lynn and Dianna had so much fun they signed up tp do their Advanced on the Conch Pearl next month!

12 - 18 MAY 2012: Key West Florida Trip
Go to our facebook page to see LOTS & LOTS of pictures of the trip! Congrats to Brad for getting his Deep Dive specialty and Dianna and Jamie for getting their Advanced Open Water.

19 MAY 2012: Divers Day Out - CSSP
Brent Easdon volunteered to host Divers Day Out for us. Jimmy and I missed this one but we heard that the vis was 30 feet. Terrific for Terrell :)

10 JUNE 2012: Divers Day Out - CSSP - Terrell
We were planning to go to Lake Travis, but the lake is still 40+ feet down. The visibility at Clear Springs is still great so why not enjoy it, right? Jimmy and Mike camped out there Saturday night and got a little fun diving in Saturday. Had a good turn out for DDO.

21 - 22 JULY 2012: Divers Day Out - Marietta Landing - Lake Murray
Boy were we all surprised with how clear Lake Murray was. You didn't even need a dive light to do the deep dive. We had so many campers hanging out with us, it was great. Tony brought rib eye stakes and Jimmy's cousin Mark came out to play guitar for us. It was really nice. Congratulations to Don E for getting his AOW and Billy T for getting his Search and Recovery Specialty.

19 August 2012: Divers Day Out - Possum Kingdom Lake
We want to thank Inland Divers Association for inviting us out and sharing all the plans that they have to create another training location for area dive shops. Unfortuneately, with the heavy rains Saturday night, the visibility wasn't very good. Once you got below about 20'-25', the visibility got better, but you needed a dive light to see. All that runoff didn't let the sun shine through. The members of IDA were so gracious and opened up their pavillion and BBQ for us. We even had some new facebook friends that came out to dive with us! A special "Thank You" to Maria for making some good homecooked food for us also!

22 - 23 SEPT 2012: Divers Day Out - Reveille Peak Ranch - Burnet Tx
Congratulations to Kierra J, Sierra E, and Casey M for finishing up their Open Water certification. Also congrats to Rick B for finishing his Advanced Open Water. We had a lot of people, about 25, come out and join us on Saturday. I guess everyone was excited to dive in a new place and Reveille Peak was really, really pretty. There is so much to do out there. Only thing, the water was pretty cold. For more info and pictures click - Scuba at Reveille Peak Ranch.

Video taken last June by Scubaland Adventures Dive Club

6 OCT 2012: Trashfest 2012 - New Braunfels, TX

Bubble Trouble 1Bubble Trouble 2Bubble Trouble 3

That is right...we had 3 BUBBLE TROUBLE teams this year!

There were new restrictions on the river this year and boy were they working. Between three teams we didn't fill one trash bag. Which is good for the river, but didn't give us much to pick up. We did have some big winners though when it came to door prizes. Jerri won a pair of Cressi Frog Fins, Anna won a Sea Cure mouthpiece, Megan won a dive flag spare tire cover, I won a week Blackbeard cruise, and the grand prize winner was Barb. She took home a week long, all inclusive trip, to Honduras!

Jerri/Anna Won Megan Won Terry Won Barb Won

11 NOV 2012: DUI Rally - Clear Springs Scuba Park
Only three brave souls went out to the DUI Rally this year. Jimmy of course, Mike Seeley, and Dan Peterson. Believe or not, Dan did not have his Dry Suit Diver certification. Seems like all the diving/instructing Dan did in Okinawa, he never needed a dry suit. So Congratulations to Dan for attaining another specialty card!

15 DEC 2012: Christmas Party / Toys For Tots Drive
Once again we threw a Christmas Party, as the last Divers Day Out of 2012, for all our Customers as a "Thank You" for all your business and loyalty to our dive shop this year. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

Toys For Tots picture

We even got a few presents for the older children this year. Those skateboards are going to make three kids really happy!

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