2011 Events

26 - 27 FEB 2011: Aquarena Center - San Marcos
Congratulations to our new Open Water Divers: Mickea S., Shane H., Dan B., Lisa K., and Cindy W. This was our first complete class of 2011 (Cindy and Lisa did one check out dive last November and decided to wait for better conditions in San Marcos). A big "Thank You" to Bill for helping out with class also. Jimmy and Bill are Diving for Science certified and did some volunteer work while we were there. To keep your certification up, all you have to do is volunteer once a year. Bill even helped as a safety diver for this months Diving for Science class. If you are interested in learning about the endangered Texas Blind Salamander or the Fountain Darter Fish, Diving for Science is a really cool class. You even get to dive through their obstacle course to practice your buoyancy. For more information on Aquarena and the Science program, follow this link: Aquarena.

18 - 20 MAR 2011: Balmorhea State Park
Congratulations to all our students picking up Specialties. Altitude Diver: David B, Rick B, Brent E, Sandi and Christopher J; DPV: David B, Rick B, Brent E, Sandi and Christopher J; Underwater Digital Photography: Sandi and Christopher J. Emergency O2 Provider: Sandi and Christopher J, Emelita. Also Emelita completed her Scuba Diver Certification and David and Rick started on their Advanced Open Water. Jena finished her Divemaster!!! Sandi and Christopher finished their Master Scuba Diver certification. BIG THANKS to Kristie S for helping out with all these classes. And none of this would have been possible with out Doug Wilson. Jimmy was off at an Aeris dealer conference and the sole instructor was Doug. From the pictures I have seen, it looks like a good time was had by all.

16 & 17 APRIL 2011: Athens Scuba Park
Thanks to all of you that came out for our first local Divers Day Out. The water was still a little chilly, 69 - 70 degrees, but the visibility was awesome. Jimmy said he guessed 40+ feet! You KNOW that is good for anywhere around here. Congratulations to Deb C for getting her PADI Underwater Digital Photography Specialty.

15 MAY 2011: Clear Springs Scuba Park
For those of you that couldn't come on the Key West Trip, we had a Divers Day Out at CSSP planned. Thank you David McCalman for hosting in our absence.

14 - 20 MAY 2011: Schooner Conch Pearl Live-aboard
We had a great time and plan on making this trip every May from now on. Captain Denny and his wife Holley are great, the sailboat is beautiful, and I think we all gained weight from Holley's good cooking. She had some kind of delicious dessert every night (and cookies with lunch). We were split on who liked diving the Vandenberg more or the Adolphus Busch more.

We had a little excitement the first day of diving. A father and son buddy team got too far away from their dive boat and had to come aboard our boat for a little while. Seems that dad ran out of air and the other dive boat couldn't come get them until all the other divers were onboard. But it all worked out OK.

We fished between dive locations and caught some interesting fish which Captain Denny cut up and Holley prepared along with that evenings dinner. Jeff first caught a Barracuda which we threw back, then Sam caught a Mackerel, Jeff caught a Tuna and Jimmy caught a Dolphin Fish. I really learned to like "fresh" fish on this trip.

We may have split on which wreck we liked better, but all of us agreed it was a wonderful experience. I for one CAN'T WAIT until next year.

For more pictures, check out our FaceBook page. I have a few Vandenberg pictures up with lots more to come!

Conch Pearl

**Note: Pictured in front row: Dan, Sam and Holley. Back row: Terry (Jimmy's brother), Jimmy and Captain Denny. Not pictured Jeff and Terry.**

12 JUNE 2011: Divers Day Out
Congratulations to Ashley L and Khanh N for obtaining their Open Water Certifications! Visibility wasn't very good at all but they persisted and even had fun!

We had a great turn out for Divers Day Out this month. Kristie brought her sister Deana, for a long deserved break. Doug trained Deana FIVE YEARS ago, and she hasn't been diving since. That's when it's good to have a Divemaster sister! It was also a pleasure meeting Sam's wife Rhonda, Khanh's girlfriend and Ashley's boyfriend. Hopefully our dive family just expanded.

26 JUNE 2011: Open Water Checkout CSSP
Congratulations to Roman R and his son Nico for passing their Open Water dives!

10 JULY 2011: Open Water Checkout CSSP
Congratulations to Ashley H, Brent P and Carroll P! Our newest Open Water certified divers!!

17 JULY 2011: Divers Day Out - CSSP
Jimmy and I would like to thank Tony, Nickie, Sam, and Jeff for braving the heat and diving with us on Sunday. As always, Nickie and Tony made a delicious dinner. We were treated to fajitas and homemade guacamole Saturday night and Tony's breakfast in a pan Sunday morning. Congratulations also goes out to Nickie for completing part of her Underwater Navigation Specialty. This is the last specialty she needs for her Master Scuba Diver certification!

13 - 14 AUG 2011: Divers Day Out - The Blue Lagoon, Huntsville
What a pretty place! We were in Lagoon 2, sheltered by lots of pine and cedar trees. We had a nice sandy beach to lay all our gear out on. You could just suit up and walk into the water. It was really nice. The visibility wasn't that great, although we have dove in worse. Lagoon 2 is supposed to be 35' but most of us only go to 21' according to our dive computers. Even though it didn't turn our like we were expecting, we all had a really nice time diving some place new. Check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures. Jimmy and I would like to thank everyone that made the three hour drive to come out and play. Thank you also to Marie and and Shawn for bringing a nice cold watermelon, coleslaw and chips for lunch on Sunday.

24 SEPT 2011: Underwater Clean UP
Thank you to all of you that came out and helped us pick up out at Marietta Landing. No rain this year made it really nice. What wasn't too nice was the vis, but what do you expect for Lake Muckey.

1 OCT 2011: Trashfest 2011 - Comal River
What a fun time we all had. Thank you Kristie for taking care of all the arrangements. You are a fantastic Team Leader. Congratulations to team "Bubble Trouble" for collecting 235 pounds of trash! We picked the most challenging part of the river out of the container. The FALLS! Good thing we had an experienced swift water fire fighter on our team. After collecting all our trash, we played in the river, going down the chute first in scuba gear, then just our wetsuits. That was FUN!!
At the awards dinner, Jimmy won a neoprene mask strap and Brent and his wife won a weekend river get-a-way ($140 value). We definitely plan on doing that again next year, so mark your calendars. This year set a record of divers in the river...604! Most volunteers in the 47 year history of Trashfest.

Bubble Trouble

16 OCT 2011: Underwater Pumpkin Carving - Terrell, TX
WOW what a turn out! The weather was great and we had lots of pumpkins this year. Congratulations goes out to Shawn Taylor, who won 1st prize! Kristie and George Shafer came in a close second and Mike Seeley and Doug Wilson tied for third.


14 NOV 2011: CONGRATULATIONS to Brent Easdon for completing Divemaster!
Brent and Jimmy went to Ft. Lauderdale FL for a couple of days so Brent could get his Deep Diver Specialty. Jimmy was able to initiate Brent into the Divemaster club by dying his feet red. Which had the deckhands on the boat scurrying to wash red footprints off the deck!

19 & 20 NOV 2011: DUI Dog Rally - Terrell, TX
Congratulations to Billy Thomas and Morgan Manuel for getting their PADI Dry Suit Diver Specialty! Billy also got his Underwater Navigation Specialty. The rainy weather waited until we were all done on Sunday before it started pouring (we are thankful for the rain though). Also, a special CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Brad Dooley for finishing up his Divemaster this weekend. Jimmy even dyed Brad's feet blue as the final initiation into Divemaster!

True Blue Brad

3 DEC 2011: Lake Murray, OK
As you may or may not know, one of our customers is in a big hurry to finish up his Advanced Open Water. He's leaving the day after Christmas for a beautiful, tropical location and is going to be doing a LOT of diving. Congratulations to Billy Thomas for braving the 57 degree water up at Lake Murray and completing his Advanced. A special Thank You to Doug Wilson for braving the water in his DRYSUIT and finishing Billy up. Billy said the water wasn't too cold because he had on his LAVACORE under his farmer john wetsuit.

10 DEC 2011: Christmas Party & Toys For Tots Drive!
We had a great turn out for the Christmas party. We'd like to extend a personal "Thank You" to everyone that brought in toys for Toys For Tots. We filled two boxes in this one day! I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have the most generous customers! Merry Christmas to all and we hope you have a Blessed New Year!

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