2010 Events

15 JAN 2010: Balmorhea State Park
Congratulations go out to Nickie Aubry (Open Water Diver & Adventure Diver), Jena Little (Altitude & DPV), and Raul Rosado (Altitude & DPV). Thank you to Tony Clark for his Divemaster candidate work also.

14 - 15 FEB 2010: Aquarena Center - San Marcos, TX.
Congratulations to Ken & Brian McIntosh and Brad & Melanie Wrinkle for getting Open Water Certified. This was our first time training out at Aquarena Center. The vis was just as good as Balmorhea but less than half the drive time.

12 - 15 MAR 2010: Balmorhea State Park

This was the biggest class in DFW Scuba history!
Jimmy and I would like to thank each and every one of you that made our trip out to Balmorhea such a huge success! We got a lot accomplished! Thanks to all our Divemaster candidates (David, Kristie & Tony AND AI Jimmy) for all their help with all the students and all the classes. This trip pretty much finished all the Divemaster work they needed. Well, there is that little thing called a map we need done. But anyway, we couldn't have asked for better weather in March AND we not only saw the rings around Saturn, but also Saturn's three moons at the McDonald Observatory. I think it is safe to say we all had a great time.
A special "Thank You" to Nickie and Tony for cooking some of the best meals for us too. Homemade Blueberry Waffles, Steak & Chicken Fijita's, Nickie's awsome fresh Guacamole, and who can forget Tony's famous Banana Blueberry Cheesecake (oh and the ice pops....the list goes on and on!) We certainly all got spoiled by those two this trip.
Congratulations to:
Open Water - David & Jonathan Bates, Tiffany Glenn, Patrick Huffman and Leslie Konkle
Rescue - Sherinda Barrow, Albert Garcia, Jena Little and George Shafer
Altitude - Nickie Aubry, James Jardine, George & Kristie Shafer
DPV - James Jardine
Night - Nickie Aubry

27 MAR 2010 Congratulations David McCalman, first Divemaster candidate to finish all DM requirements. And, as the first finished, David got the DIVEMASTER mask strap that every one was working toward.

17 - 18 APR 2010: Aquarena Center - San Marcos, TX.
Congratulations to Jason Burgess, his fiance Jennifer Miller, and Danny Griffith on getting their Open Water Certification. We had fun even though it rained off and on all day Saturday. Jason and Jennifer are gettng married May 1st and honeymooning in Belize. We wish them the best on starting their new lives together!

22 - 23 MAY 2010: Open Water Check Out Dives at Clear Springs Scuba Park
Congratulations to Kay Lewis, Kathy Weedon and Beth Griffith on completing Open Water!

23 MAY 2010: Divers Day Out - CSSP Terrell TX
We had a great turn out for our first local DDO. More than 20 people came out to dive with us. There were so many people, we ran out of food. Maybe next time we'll ask for RSVP's so we know how much to bring! Everyone had a good time and we got new divers certified (see above).

26 - 27 JUNE 2010: Divers Day Out Weekend- Lake Murray
First off, congratulations to Branden Richardson & Chris Magee for completing their Open Water Certification!! Mary is our first eLearning student to finish the online part of Open Water and join us for the more personal part of training. Unfortunately, on the second day of diving, she was too conjested to finish her last dive. But there is still time before her honeymoon to finish up so we aren't counting her out yet.

June 27th was completion of our first official Open Water Jam Session. We have had a lot of people wanting to get certified at the last minute for a big trip. So to accomodate them, we put together a fast paced course. This class ended up being a class of teachers and principals that did not know one another before June 25th. I knew Chris was an asst principal, I knew Branden had a trip coming up and wanted to join his wife diving, and I knew Mary was finishing up eLearning because she was getting married July 10th. During class we found out they all were teachers of one form or another...and that gave our high school student, Hayden Litchfield a chance to playfully have fun when a teacher got a wrong answer.

For Jimmy, this was an unexpectedly fun class. He teaches so many students, that each class is kind of the same. It was very refreshing to have a fun teaching an Open Water class. So hats off to Branden, Chris & Mary! Jimmy and I hope to see you all again at a Divers Day Out...soon.

JULY 2010 Congratulations to Tony Clark for finishing up Divemaster!

16 - 18 JULY 2010: Jam Class
Congratulations to Evin and Charles, Jesse and Alyssa, and Alana for obtaining their Open Water Certifications. And we can't forget Lauren getting her Scuba Diver Cert! We hope that they enjoy diving blue water at the end of the month.

25 JULY 2010: Divers Day Out - Lake Travis
Wow, what a great day of diving at Windy Point. Thank you to all of you that came out and made this a fun Divers Day Out. We had Dan and Owain Sides, Ken and Brian McIntosh and Nickie Aubry completing their deep dive; Sandi and Christopher Johnston doing their Wreck dive and U/W photography dive; Ken and Brian McIntosh started their Advanced Open Water. Congratulations to Owain for finishing his Junior Advanced Open Water. He's taking Junior Rescue soon and is on his way to Junior Master Diver. Congratulations to all our new Advanced Divers: Sandi, Christoper, Nickie and Dan. All in all we had a really nice day. Well, except the ride home. From Temple to Fort Worth the traffic was horrible!

7 - 8 AUG 2010: Doug's Rescue Class
Congratulations to Brad Dooley and John Cregger for getting through Doug's Rescue class. Not only are they Rescue certified, they also got their Emergency O2 Provider Specialty!

21 - 22 AUG 2010: Jimmy's Rescue Class
Congratulations to Sandi and Christopher Johnston and Nickie Aubry for finishing their Rescue class. This was a big step for Nickie on her way to becoming a Master Scuba Diver. All she needs is a few more dives and finish her DPV and PPB specialties.

29 AUG 2010: Divers Day Out - Athens Scuba Park
What a nice time! Visibility was much better than last year. Congratulations to Doug's Open Water students for finishing up their lake this weekend. Congrats goes out to Tina Evans, David Parsons & Frank Thom!! Hope you all had fun and keep coming out with us. A Special Thank You to Jena for hosting the festivities for us until we arrived!!!

18 - 19 SEPT 2010 Divers Day Out - Lake Travis
Congratulations to all our divers who got speciaties this weekend. Brad Dooley got his Night Diver and PPB Specialties, Jena Little got her Deep Diver Specialty and Nickie Aubry got her PPB Specialty. Both Brad and Nickie have one more specialty to go to get their Master Scuba Diver Certification. AND congrats to Jena for breaking her old depth record of 70'...she went to 112'!!

It was a fun weekend as always, although the vis was a bit murky due to Hurricane Hermaine. From the surface to about 40' was normal, but it was like soup until you got to about 65-70 feet. From there, it was clear. The water temp was still really warm. I broke my record of 70' and went to 81' and the temp was 74 degrees.

A big Thank You to everyone that came out Sunday for Divers Day Out. We had a few new faces, and made a few new friends. Sunday was also a special day for Tony Clark and myself. It was our birthday!

25 SEPT 2010: International Cleanup Day - Lake Murray
Jimmy and I would like to thank those that braved the rain here in the metroplex to drive up to Lake Murray and help us clean up. Rick brought up a gear bag half full with cans and bottles AND found an old turn table. He won the prize for finding the heaviest piece of trash. Jena won the prize for the biggest piece of trash, an old plastic patio table. Mike found the most Hanna Montana stuff. All in all, 6 of us gathered up 6 full yard trash bags!
Congratulations to Rick Bell for finishing up his last OW dive AND to David Parsons for finishing his AOW.

International Clean Up Day

17 OCT 2010: Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest - CSSP
We had three contestants this year! Jena Little was on call and unable to defend her first place title from last year. Our contestants were Nickie Aubry, John Creeger, and Brad Dooley. Up for grabs; $50 Gift Certificate to DFW Scuba (where else?). We had a couple of impartial judges pulled from the park and first place went to...drumroll...Nickie Aubry! I will try and get pictures up on this page soon. If you are really curious, go to the DFW Scuba Shop facebook page.


13 - 14 NOV 2010: DUI Dry Suit Rally - CSSP
Congratulations to Brian McIntosh & David McCalman for getting their Dry Suit Diver Specialties.

Scuba Stockings

11 DEC 2010: Christmas Party & Toys For Tots Drive!
Thank You so much for making our Toys For Tots Drive a SUCCESS! We were able to fill two boxes with toys AND we got a 16" bike to help brighten up some children's Christmas.
Toys For Tots

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